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此篇結論 : 1) Everything count [for the passing skill used in the calculation of PC tactic level] and it is the same in the other tactics as well [so the attributes form, stamina, xp, mother club / loyalty, weather events are taken into acount] 無限創意戰術級別在計算「傳球」技能時,所有層面都會納入計算,包含「狀態」、 「體能」、「經驗」、「母會俱樂部」、「忠誠度」、「天氣事件」。 2) [For the contribution of Unpred players to the PC tactic level,] Think about it as: play_creatively_contribution = use some formula if player is unpredictable then 2*play_creatively_contribution In simple words, it's double the effect it has on the play creatively tactic. 不可預測球員對無限創意戰術級別的貢獻度,可以這樣思考 : 簡單來說,貢獻度是兩倍。 --
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