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日期 Dec. 13, 2018, 1:37 p.m.
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提問 : Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and other "Oceania" countries would still be nice in the future, dont know how people there feel about a split though. 「澳洲」、「紐西蘭」、「斐濟」以及其他大洋洲國家,是未來新增聯賽的好選項, 不知道這些國家的人會如何看待這樣的「分離」 (版主註 : 目前無大洋洲各國家的聯賽,取而代之是以「Oceania」為統一的聯賽) 鄉民回覆 : I feel that sensible solution would be to rename Oceania as Australia and setup New Zealand as new country. But I am not from there, so what do I know :) 我認為合理的解決方案是重新命名「大洋洲」為「澳洲」,並且新增紐西蘭聯賽。 官方回覆 : Yes, I agre. We considered Fiji this time, but like NZ, we didn't go for it since there are so many active users from there in Oceania. If we add NZ and Fihi I would like to be able to offer those users to move their whole teams and history to the new league, and we just didn't have the guts to do that this time around. It would require major "surgery", and we would want to know that those local users really wanted it. 我同意,事實上這次確實曾經考慮「斐濟」聯賽。 那「紐西蘭聯賽」呢 ? 現在太多紐西蘭玩家被分到大洋洲聯賽, 新增「紐西蘭聯賽」意謂搬動這些玩家到新聯賽,包括他們的球隊以及歷史紀錄, 這可是個大工程,對於現在負擔太重,所以無法實踐, 同時我們也會調查這是否確實符合當地玩家需求。 But with a reformed WC system, and regional competitions there, maybe the will would emerge :) 針對世界盃改制以及地區性的競賽,或許將來兩者會合一。 -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(, 來自: ※ 文章網址: ※ 編輯: bolam (, 12/13/2018 13:39:33 ※ 編輯: bolam (, 12/13/2018 13:41:02
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