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以下是官方在global論壇做出的官方回應 提問 : Didn't this broke the foxtrick features about XP calculations? Is it intended that only a match ID is shown on the lower parts of the page? 1. 球員表現歷史的XP計算消失了,跑哪去了 ? 2. 頁面下方較久之前之比賽,是否只會顯示比賽ID ? 官方回答 : The FT feature with the XP calculation will be fixed soon. There is a pull request in Github and it just needs to test and release it. As for the MatchID. Yes. Unfortunately, those data come from our archive database which doesn't include the team names. It would be too "painful" to get all those matches at once. But, you can get all the match details when you click on it and redirected on the match page 1. 球員表現歷史的XP計算很快會修正,在Github部分需要調整,需要時間測試以及版更。 (版主註:稍早看,這部分已經完成版更了) 2. 關於比賽ID,很遺憾,是的。 這些資料來自歸檔資料庫,不包括球隊名稱。 無法一次直接得到這些比賽是"痛苦"的,但是至少可以點進比賽連結,得到所有比賽 細節。 --
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