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※ [本文轉錄自 CGI-Game 看板 #1HJTOooT ] 作者: windfish (鮪魚) 看板: CGI-Game 標題: [Hat] Hattrick 新手指引 訓練篇-Part 1 時間: Sun Mar 24 00:19:58 2013 本文譯自Hattrick Brunei(汶莱) 論壇。 原作者 Ady_coldfire Training - Part 1 1. Why is it so important to have some serious training ongoing? Training your players has multiple advantages. For one it will strengthen the part of the team that is trained and for two the revenue after selling trained players will help you buy better players for your team. But most importantly it's your economic life insurance in Hattrick. 1.為什麼認真的訓練計畫很重要? 訓練你的球員有多種好處。 第一,增強球隊的特定項目實力。 第二,賣訓練員的所得可以用來買入更好的球員補強球隊。 最重要的原因是是買賣球員的獲益是你的收入保障。 2. I'm a new user, are the training types that are particularly easy/useful for me? Hattrick offers a large number of training types. The most suitable for new users are most likely: Scoring, Playmaking, Defending and, perhaps, Goalkeeping. Crossing is pretty complicated and permanent set pieces training needs founds that you, as new user, just don't have. 2.我是個新玩家,什麼樣的訓練項目對我而言特別容易上手/有用? Hattrick提供許多不同種類的訓練項目。 以下這些都很適合新手:進球、組織進攻、防守,守門或許也算在內。 傳中訓練相當複雜;長期的定位球訓練需要資金,你一個新手顯然沒有這條件。 3. Who should be trained? You will buy young players, your trainees, when they're between 17 and 19 years old and you will sell them after some seasons of permanent training. To be trained adequately they need to play on positions that are relevant for the kind of the training they should get. Nothing prevents you from keeping those players, or some of them at the least, once you think their training is finished, and to train another part of your team. 3.什麼樣的球員可以訓練? 你可以買17-19歲之間的年輕球員做為訓練員,經過幾個賽季的持續訓練後賣出。 你需要把訓練員放在和訓練項目關聯的位置來以進行持續的訓練。 一旦你認為訓練已經完成,沒有事情阻止你留下訓練員,你可以留下部分訓練員, 接著著手訓練其他項目。 4. Are friendly matches really important? Oh yes, they are. They allow you to train more players per week, twice as many actually, and maybe even to gain a little extra money as well. 4.友誼賽重要嗎? 是的,相當重要。友誼賽讓你有兩倍的訓練時間,還能多賺點錢。 5. Which training level do I have to set? Nobody forces you to set a certain level, but setting a level of 100% ensures that your players' form doesn't meet the freezing point and that you get a maximum of training out of your players. 5.訓練強度該怎麼設? 沒人強制規定訓練強度該設多少,不過設定100%保證不會讓你的球員狀態降到冰點, 同時球員能得到最大的訓練效果。 6. Is there an ideal stamina training share? Nope, such a thing doesn't exist. Each squad consists of other players and thus has other requirements than others, due to a different age structure in the team. You can read more on stamina here: (14543540.13) 6.有某種理想的體能設置嗎? 沒這回事。每個球隊的年齡結構都不同,因此有不同的需求。 你可以在這裡讀到更多體能設置資訊:(14543540.13) 7. Training speed depends on what? - Trainer abilities - Number of assistant/goalkeeper coaches - Training level - The age of the concerned player - Current skill level - Training type - Number of minutes played on a training position during the week of the training - The higher the stamina share, the lower the normal training 7.訓練速度被哪些因素影響? -教練能力 -助教/守門教練數量 -訓練強度 -球員當前年齡 -當前技能等級 -訓練項目 -當周在訓練位上的時間 -體能設置越高,正常訓練速度越慢 --
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