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※ 引述《iamagoodboy (親我的老婆廖小郁)》之銘言: : 想要預購二月底的end of dragons資料片 : 可是官網沒辦法登入 : 我問過客服 客服請我照指令作 : 之後還是失敗 : 我朋友也無法登入官網 : 大家也是這樣嗎 : 無法登入官網沒辦法買資料片啊 : 即使從遊戲裡連結出來的購買連結還是會連到官網 : 所以就是無法買資料片 : 搞了我好幾天了還是搞不定 唉 : 已經解決 結論: 需要來回兩三封email 參考 小知識a.無法登入官網 是一個檻 順利登入官網後 可能無法支付(信用卡或paypal) 是第二個檻(錯誤80808) b.第一個檻大約會花兩三封信件解決 第二個檻一般只要一封信解決 以下提供範例 c.無法登入官網的話 建議使用你帳號的email 寄出匿名request 就可以後續處理 1. 無法登入官網解決方案 a. 寄email 以下提供範例 可以複製貼上 I want to pre-purchase the expansion so I need to log onto the official website firstly, but i cannot. My account is [email protected] b. 官網support效率不算太差 大約1-2天內會回信 Zee (Guild Wars 2 Support) Feb 11, 2022, 15:57 PST Hello, Thank you for contacting us! We have reviewed your issue, and it appears that your attempts are being blocked by our system due to security measures we have in place. While we are unable to override these restrictions, we do have some suggestions that have helped other users that you can try: Use a different Internet browser Make sure that Javascript is enabled If you are using a VPN/proxy, disable the service Verify that the device timezone is properly set for your location Take your time filling out the form If you have had too many failed attempts, wait 24 hours before making another attempt Please understand that if you're unable to resolve your issue with the above suggestions, then I'm afraid you wont be able to login an account. Again, we are unable to override these restrictions. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Regards, Zee Guild Wars 2 Support Team c. 當然以上的方法都試過以後還是無法登入 因為問題根本不在這些選項裡面 所以我們寄出第二封信 Hello, i have tried other browsers and no proxy in my pc system. I also cleaned these internet temporary files or cookies at there. I still can't sign on gw2 official site. Seriously, My ISP told me that they haven't blocked gw2 site ! I really want to buy EOD EXPANSION! Please help me! d. 順利的話 會收到第二封信 Toph (Guild Wars 2 Support) Feb 18, 2022, 4:03 PST Hello, Reviewing your login attempt, it appears that it was flagged for security reasons that prevented you from logging in. This could have been a result of high risk characteristics of your attempt or due to past associations with compromised accounts or devices. At this time, we’ve taken steps that should allow you to log in. Please let us know if you are still having difficulties logging in. Regards, 基本上到這步的話理論上就沒有問題了 但是我自己的情況是 google chrome, edge這兩個browser無法登入 但是firefox 跟手機的chrome可以登入(真奇怪) e. 最後 總算可以登入囉 卻出現付款錯誤80808 error 只好再次寄信 I used firefox and I can log in but there is a 80808 error Please help me thank you! f. 一兩天之內會回信 ApolloR (Guild Wars 2 Support) Feb 18, 2022, 9:45 PST Hello, It looks like your purchase attempts were caught in our general security checks and purchase limits. I was able to override these purchase restrictions so please try making your purchase(s) once again. If you continue to experience any issues when making a purchase now or in the future, please let us know. Regards, 收到這封信 表示搞定囉!! 真麻煩 XD --
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1Fiamagoodboy: 有的人只有卡80808的購買問題 就只要最後一封信就好 02/19 09:12
※ 編輯: iamagoodboy ( 臺灣), 02/19/2022 09:13:04
2Fiamagoodboy: 如果真的無法登入官網 可以登入遊戲 02/19 09:13
3Fiamagoodboy: 有一定機率你在登入遊戲的時候會跳出資料片廣告 02/19 09:13
4Fiamagoodboy: 這樣就有可能可以不需要登入官網就in-game buying 02/19 09:14
5Fiamagoodboy: 但是我是各種卡 所以全套解法全部放上來 大家參考 02/19 09:14
6Fviennia: 之前買Gem有遇過80808,嘗試太多次,或者資訊有打錯,或 02/19 10:17
7Fviennia: 我朋友只是換用自己妹妹的PayPal,都需要寄個信,但回覆 02/19 10:18
8Fviennia: 速度都還蠻快的 02/19 10:18
9Fviennia: 回想起來,好像EOD剛上預購,就在遊戲內跳出時直接遊戲 02/19 10:22
10Fviennia: 內而購買的,才沒遇到登入問題 02/19 10:22
11Fjackyown: 借串問遊戲內中文吃字的問題解決了嗎 02/19 15:23
12Fsnowiceemc: 樓上 沒有 02/25 08:25