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Dracula's Curse 2020 - Tough Trevor, Ancient Alucard
A new release 0.4.5b is ready for download. (影片敘述有下載連結) What's new: - 2 extra skins - 1 extra player - 1 extra boss (taken from Las's version) - Handshake cutscenes for Grant, Sypha and Alucard (also from Las's version). Other players still use plain old text dialogues, which I implemented using FriendlyCosmonaut's dialogue system. - 2 extra regular enemies (hidden in extra stages) - Another boss and another regular enemy added by me (both are merely reskins of existing ones) - Multiple save slots (also implemented via FC dialogue system) - Visual changes to a couple of stages authored by Las - Switching paths on a minimap at crossroads - When you finish the game, you start over at Warakia with whatever ally you had. So you may now do some funny things like fighting Alucard with Alucard. and also some fixes: - Added one room transition (to help you mind the gap) - Thrown subitems now disappear when switching characters to prevent bugs - Trevor's powered-up whip hitbox is reduced - Candle hitboxes are increased - Jigsaws at Deadly Tower are slowed down - No more crashing when merman fires a super fireball at you - No more crashing when you defeat the hyppogriff while he is firebreathing - No more crashing when resizing a game window in a room with water reflections, and some more fixes here and there -- --
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